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Please enter your Westfield State University username and password below to begin the registration process.

BEFORE PROCEEDING disable any pop-up blockers now!

First year students:Please make sure you have activated your campus account before attempting to register. If you have logged into the myWestfield portal or campus e-mail then you have activated your account. If you have not activated your account you can do so by clicking here.

Returning Students: If your password isn't working, but you know what it is, your password may have expired. Try logging into the e-mail system here and try the password you remember. If your password has expired it will force you to choose a new password.

If you have forgotten your password and you have previously enrolled in the Password Reset Utility you may reset your password here.

Smartphone and Tablet users: This can only be done from on campus. Before registering, please disable MAC Address randomization on your phone or tablet. Otherwise you will be constantly prompted to re-register your phone or tablet. Simply connect your device to the "resnet" wifi network and browse to any page and you will be redirected to registration. Select the first option that appears and fill out this same login form to register the device.

Off Campus Registration note: You can now pre-register your Windows and Mac based desktops and laptops before you arrive on campus. Note that this generally does not work for tablets and other mobile devices.
  • If you receive the "Physical address not found" message your device is not supported and you must wait until you arrive on campus to register it.
  • If you receive an error message "Unable to locate the server on the network" from the Dissolvable Agent, enter registration.westfield.ma.edu for the server address.

Please enter your campus user name, password.

Then click the button to download then run the Dissolvable Agent on your computer.


User Registration
If you have any questions, please contact the technology support desk at 413-572-5528.